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Keep Your Pups Teeth In Good Condition Between Cleaning Appointments

Advanced periodontal disease is irreversible, so staying on top of your pet’s preventive dental hygiene routine is incredibly important in making sure your pet lives a longer, healthier life. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Start brushing your dogs teeth after meal time or before bed

Starting with the most obvious; Brushing your dogs teeth after meals or at least once a day. Imagine if you only got your teeth professionally cleaned once a year? And because of that, didn't see any reason to keep them brushed yourself daily between those yearly visits? Gross, right? It's not any fun for your dog either, as they are entirely dependent on you for their care and keeping up with hygiene. You could be saving your dog, and wallet, from a lot of future problems as well.

Add teeth brushing to your regular groom appointments If you don't have time for brushing your dogs teeth at home daily (It's recommended at least 3-4x week) then getting your pups teeth brushed at their regular scheduled groomings can certainly help. Happy Hound offers this service for free with groom and bath appointments.

Your dog's diet matters when it comes to teeth health

While canned wet food may be your dogs preference when it comes to meal time, dry kibble can really help to clean the tarter off your dogs teeth while they chow down.

You can also add bones or chew sticks that can help scrape tarter off while they keep themselves busy gnawing on their treat.

Natures Tooth Brush?

If your dog is a fan of fruit and veggies, try giving them rinsed baby carrots or celery sticks. These will actually help them scrape plaque off their teeth as they chew them! Crunching on celery is good for your dog's teeth and gums and may even help freshen your dog's breath.

If you don't want to use dog tooth paste, you can opt for a more natural solution! You can improve your dog's oral health by cleaning their teeth either with a brush or just your fingers, using a few drops of coconut oil. Dog teeth cleaning can also be done by including coconut oil in his meals. Coconut oil helps to stop gingivitis and the pain of dreaded periodontitis.

Is it time for your dog to get a thorough non-anesthetic teeth cleaning?

Holistic Pet Dental sets up at Happy Hound once a month for non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for your cats and dogs. \\Light Tartar: $165 / Moderate Tartar: $185 / Heavy Tartar: $200 +


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